C. Anthony Fodden LLC was created to assist Architects, Owners, and Contractors in understanding their roles and obligations during a capital improvements project. Primarily, we will work with Architects who are interested in using new materials, or using conventional materials in a new fashion. This involves keeping current with construction practices, construction materials technology, and reports from successful and less successful installations. As a specifications writer, we are tied into an enormous network of manufacturers, standards associations, educational opportunities, and code officials, which continue to inform our recommendations.

But, also as a specifications writer, we are acutely aware of the contractual relationship of all parties in a capital improvements project. And it’s a complex relationship. A technical consultant can be seen as the one individual that has an overall appreciation of an Owner’s budget and needs, an Architect’s expertise and liability, and a Contractor’s assignment and risk.

The role of a technical consultant can manifest in a number of ways. We can work for the Architect, by preparing specifications, recommending technical solutions to project issues, and reviewing their documents for liability issues. However, a technical consultant can also assist the Owner in understanding their role in a project, reviewing and explaining the construction documents, and more importantly evaluating possible conflicts and recommending resolution.




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